This blog is a document of my 5 months research into a very prolific gang of scammers on

It will also be updated as and when they pull a new scam which at this rate will be a twice daily thing. I will also do a running total as well as updated averages, active/passive account numbers etc.

Because the scam and a lot of the other info is a lengthy read I’ve put them each in there own page and this will serve as the front page with links to them all.

The accompanying twitter account @opbulldog for this blog will also be regularly updated alongside this as well as have the end of day running total as well as links to new scam listings.

  1. How The Scam Works
  2.  The Scale of The Scam
  3. 5 Example Scam Accounts
  4. The Ebay Problem and Ways they could Fix This (Coming Soon)
  5. Why I Started and Continued Tracking This ?  (Coming Soon)
  6. Top 5 Scam Items to Watch Out For. (Coming Soon)
  7. Have you been Trojan Scammed ?. (Coming Soon)